Ceiling central 25000

The ceiling central is mounted on an assembly beam, ordered separately. The beam is adapted to the distance between the fixed ceiling and the suspended ceiling. As an alternative ceiling central can be installed in a ceiling fixture.

Electrical cables from the fixed installation are connected to terminal blocks located next to the ceiling bracket. Pull-wires have been pre-fitted in individual conduits for cables to be directly connected to outlet sockets. Gas pipes from the fixed installation are routed to solder couplings fitted to a gas block.

As standard the fixed arm is 650 mm, but in special designs can be supplied in arm lengths 750 mm, 850 mm, 950 mm, 1050 mm. The parallel arm is available in a model with arm length of 764 mm which is raised/lowered by an electrical actuator.

Electrical socket outlets
Ceiling central 25000 can be equipped with the desired number of heavy and low current outlet sockets. The outlet sockets are fitted in the equipment brackets that are permanently attached to the bottom profile. A cover plate, adapted by Fagerhult, ensures that the installation is mounted completely flat against the front of the panel. The panel can be equipped with different national standard outlet sockets.

Raising / lowering
On models with a gas cartridge the outlet socket box is raised/ lowered manually. On models with an electrical actuator the box is raised/lowered with the help of control buttons at the side of the outlet box or using the controller.

Material, colour, weight and height
The ceiling bracket consists of a steel base with a downward spacer tube for securing the arm system, which is manufactured from extruded aluminium. The end of each of the arms has been milled to accommodate the swivel bearings. The outlet socket box is made of extruded aluminium profiles. The entire ceiling pendent is enamelled in white (RAL 9010). On its own, the ceiling pendant weighs approximately 180 kg, and it can be loaded with 20, 50 or 100 kg, depending on the electrical actuator. The ceiling pendant can be adapted for different ceiling heights by using spacers.

Medical gases
Outlets for medical gases are located on the underside of the outlet socket box and are intended for hose connection to equipment that is attached to the intensive care rail. For distribution of medical gases via the pendant, we use medical gas hoses that are resistant to aging and actual gases, removing the need for periodic replacements of the gas hose.

The brakes on the swivel bearings are released by pressing one of the two buttons at the end. The left-hand button releases the brake for both the upper and lower swivel bearings and the right-hand button releases the brake between the arms. The swivel bearings have integrated swivel stops which limit the swivel of each arm individually; maximum swivel is 315 degrees.

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25000 with double arm, cat.no. 17584 and 17585.

25000 with double arm, cat.no. 17584 and 17585.

Control of the swivel bearings mounted at the end-cap.

Control of the swivel bearings mounted at the end-cap.

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