The Ringlight unit is attached to the luminaire's edge ring with a bayonet fixing. Designed without visible screws. Two blasted glass rings with matt brushed aluminium edge ring or white finished sheet steel.
Matt reflector recommended.

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Description Art.No.
Ø 165 mm, blasted glass 41754
Ø 165 mm, white (RAL 9016) 41750
Ø 205 mm, blasted glass 41755
Ø 205 mm, white (RAL 9016) 41751
Ø 245 mm, blasted glass 41756
Ø 245 mm, white (RAL 9016) 41752
Ø 285 mm, blasted glass 41757

IP 21 cover


Edge ring III

Cilindriq rills



Cover plate opal IP 54


Cover plate Delta IP 20

Edge ring II

Cover plate clear IP 64

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