e-Sense smartSWITCH

e-Sense smartSWITCH provides automatic switching with the sensor integrated in the luminaire. Depending on connection and choice of ballast the function are; on/off, on/off with pull-dim or absence dampening.

e-Sense smartSWITCH consists of a small sensor unit and the combined relay/power supply. The capacity of the relay is 200 VA, which means you can connect one or two HF-ballasts for ignition/extinguishing.

The sensor is a PIR-unit with a detection range of approx. 4x3 m in a pendant luminaire. Within this area the sensor detects IR radiation from the body which is communicated to the relay, resulting in the luminaire switching on. The sensor unit has a lux level setting, a threshold value that prevents the sensor from reacting to occupancy if there is sufficient light in the room.

e-Sense smartSWITCH on/off

e-Sense smartSWITCH is an on/off-sensor that controls the connected luminaire via the mains. There is also a model available with pull-dim for individual setting of the lighting level the sensor only controls on/off).

e-Sense smartSWITCH on/off is suitable for:

  • Workplace as a single luminaire in office premises, individual rooms as well as open-plan offices.

e-Sense smartSWITCH absence dampening

A control function that is adapted to rooms in an office that are used sparingly. The lighting is set at a constant low level (10 %) to counteract the impression of a completely darkened room. When presence is detected, the light level is adjusted to 100 %. The time delay to return to the low level can be short, unlike control with a switch-off function where you want to avoid unnecessary starting of the fluorescent lamp.

e-Sense smartSWITCH absence dampening is suitable for:

  • Cloakrooms, copying/printing rooms and corridors.