Installation example – large office

The investment in enhancing the lighting within an office is a fraction of the costs of the actual personnel. By using lighting control, you can create a visual stimulating working environment- while off-setting the costs with energy savings.

e-Sense luminaires are equipped with their own sensor helping to save installation time on-site.


  • Plug connection.
  • Automatic switching on.
  • Adjustment to a low level (20 %) after 15 minutes.
  • Control with pull cord, no need for switches.
  • Individual adjustment and on/off.
  • Daylight control.
  • Occupancy detector.
  • Central switching after working hours.
  • Easy programming with IR-transmitter.

Proposal for the installation of control in an office

The personal demands for light are as varied as the number of individuals at a workplace. With employees regularly leaving the office at different times, light adjustments are required.

Using the effective e-Sense solution ActiLume in the luminaires, you get quick and easy installation and programming. Earlier attempts with individual occupancy detection created problems with extremely dark areas in the office after some personnel had left for the day, creating an uneasy feeling for those remaining. With the correct setting on e-Sense ActiLume you get a constant basic light of 20 % on all luminaires at unoccupied workplaces.

Even luminaires that have been manually switched off drop down to 20 % light after 15 minutes, which creates a good light that saves energy and light sources.

Programming is easy using IR-transmitter IRT 86155. Central switching means that no energy is consumed in the form of standby power. Individual control with a pull switch means the cost of installing switches in modular walls is eliminated.