Light controls in retail

In a shifting retail world we constantly need to gaze at the horizon to be a relevant partner of light. Therefore we always have something cooking. We strongly believe that the combination of new technology, well-planned lighting design and knowledge of in-store branding can enhance the shopping experience, guide the customer and evidently increase sales.

One particularly interesting aspect of such a combination is intelligent and adaptive lighting solutions. Such lighting enables functions such as sensing the presence of shoppers, informing, leading the way by visual focal points and the possibility of varying the levels of illumination by dimming.

Therefore intelligent and controllable lighting is a versatile tool, which contributes to keeping the retail atmosphere interesting and up-to-date from one day to the next. And we get the great benefit of reducing energy consumption.

DALI creates great possibilities

The dynamic changes for lighting can involve tunes of white and RGB or variances of luminous intensity. Such changes can be controlled by pre-set premises or by sensors or monitor detectors. DALI is a protocol for the digital communication between components of the lighting installation and encloses the luminaires, the sensors and the control units. DALI creates great possibilities for flexibility and variation in the lighting design.

By using DALI the lighting can be dimmed, switched on and off, it also enables the recall of lighting schemes, time-controlled changes and to the possibility to individually adjust different luminaires. If sensors and motion detectors are included in the system you can create responsive lighting solutions

Why light controls in retail?

Well, because of a number of reasons. First of all, because of savings in energy and carbon footprints. For ten years, Fagerhult Retail has been working with this quite successfully. We have been able to help our clients reduce their energy consumption by as much as 50 % in general.

With just thinking outside the box and not walking down the same old route as always. And now, today, we also have the possibility to drive this even further buy using control systems where we can adjust and fine tune all light sources used in a retail project.

We can also do a totally different set-up with the lighting schemes in terms of dynamic lighting and enhancement of merchandise in different ways. The lighting schemes can be controlled and tuned depending on the number of consumers in the shop, what time it is, which day of the week or what time of year it is.

Controlling the light in such ways can actually boost the shopping experience and consequently also the brand of the shop.


Buy developing a Fagerhult branded control system, specifically for retail purposes. A control system adapted for different areas in a shop and also for different sectors of retailers e.g. fashion and food.

Two completely different sectors, still having common features to benefit from. All consumers want to be entertained and get a certain feel of personalised shopping experience. This is where retailers can benefit from a control system, whether it is Monday lunchtime, Saturday afternoon or special event.

The control system can be adjusted according to a clock, a motion detector, personalised via an app in your smartphone, by the manager of the shop or by the amount of daylight. All depending on what the retailer/brand want to achieve with the control system and the shopping experience.


Today. All this is possible to achieve with the technology we have in our hands today. But we do want to drive this even further into the future. Just imagine if, in a couple of years from now, there were to be personalised lighting opportunities in retail areas. Then you could make your own lighting scene depending on your emotional feeling at a specific time. You will be your own light ”DJ”.