Prioritet Serneke Arena : Sweden

Prioritet Serneke Arena

Indoor skiing in LED light

This multi-sports facility, allows the citizens of Gothenburg to go indoor skiing in the light from Fagerhult any time of the year. Fagerhult has also delivered the lighting for the other areas such as a full-sized football pitch, sports halls, gym, rehabilitation clinic, sports shop, a hotel and restaurants together with an elementary school and a gymnasium.


With the opening of Scandinavia’s largest multi-sport facility, Prioritet Serneke Arena, the citizens of Gothenburg can now go skiing in the middle of the summer. The 45 300 square meter large arena is unique, of its kind, and includes an indoor skiing facility  with a 1,2 kilometer long ski track as well as a full-sized football pitch, sports halls, gym, rehabilitation clinic, sports shop, a hotel and restaurants together with an elementary school and a gymnasium.

The open seating area can take up to 3 000 people. The arena includes seven sports floors and the ambition is to have availability for both athletes as well as the public. Prioritet Serneke Arena is a venue for everyone with a passion for sports, health and culture.


When the project started in 2010, the customer was looking for a complete solution. Fagerhult came in to the project at a very early stage, at a time when we could help them find the best solutions for the various areas in the arena. A partner that could work alongside them during the whole project process with one contact person from Fagerhult that could support and find solutions to their varied needs.

As the arena has a lot of different areas, it was quite a complex project where many different luminaires from Fagerhult’s range were chosen. A main part of the project was to advise how to find the best solution for each area, from the sports arena and gym to the hotel and the school.

In the skiing arena, the skiers, athletes or public, are able to ski at any time of the year. Kaptur with LED was chosen as LED-luminaires are a perfect choice in these cold environments. All luminaires are controlled via DALI which enables dimming as well as different lighting effects. The track can even be extended to allow outdoor skiing when there is real snow.

For the Sports hall, the luminaire of choice was Fagerhult’s Excis, especially designed for use in sport arenas or areas where extra durable luminaires are required. The sports hall is used for football, soccer and other similar sports.

The gym included in the arena is 4000 m2 and holds equipment for all kinds of gym activities. The main focus for the lighting solution was on lighting comfort, and therefore Fagerhult’s Indigo Ed2 which has a predominantly indirect light distribution, offered a high degree of visual comfort within the room.



Excis LED offers an ideal solution in sports halls in terms of lighting comfort, energy efficiency, durability and freedom from maintenance. Three different light distributions (wide, medium and asymmetric) and three different flows allow for a tailored...


Kaptur is a capped industrial luminaire that fit well in harsh and cold environments. With protection class IP 67, the fitting is an excellent choice for garages or underground corridors. Its LED solution provides easy maintenance and makes Kaptur LITE...

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