St.Petersburg : Russia

Crowne Plaza Pulkovo

Light quality for eye-catching airport hotel

Crowne Plaza is an interesting lighting project where Fagerhult met the technical requirements for the hotel’s exciting architecture.


Crowne Plaza St.Petersburg Airport is the unique hotel located in a rapidly developing business area, close to the international airport Pulkovo 2.

Multifunctional airport city complex

The hotel is an architectural landmark both on the outside and in its interior. The hotel offers 294 guestrooms, decorated in a modern contemporary style. The hotel has multifunctional areas that include restaurants, bars, meeting and event areas and a health club.

Crowne Plaza is a popular stay for businessmen and many events are held in its modern conference halls.

Eye-catching architecture

The hotel was finished in 2011 and probably the most striking feature of the hotel is its unique architecture. The randomly ordered windows and the unconventional form stir interest and draw the viewer’s attention.

This was the second project Fagerhult made together with UBM Group. The first one was done in Ekaterinburg back in 2008.


The company who operates the building is very much satisfied by how the lighting is organized, both within the premises and outside.

General light with downlighs

The downlight series Pleiad, with its comfortable lighting, are installed as general light around the complex. Complementing by the spotlight Easy with a custom-made colours chosen by the client. Some Multilume Hydro’s were also installed on specially designed tracks.

Straight lines frames the interior

Basic’s slim dimensions gives many lighting possibilities, in this case installed in a special way for a lighting design in the cornice, framing the architecture so that there are no dark gaps between the light lines.

Scenes of light

The conference halls have light control systems with pre-installed lighting scenes to adapt the lighting to the different area of use.

Illuminating outside

Outdoors Fagerhult light can be found in the shapes of bollard Esplanad and the post top Ariel, with comfortable indirect light distribution – nicely illuminating the way around the complex.



Easy is manufactured of cast aluminium and is extremely easy to install in most types of suspended ceilings. Available in white or alu-grey, there are three different designs; one fixed and two flexible. The flexible models can be angled adjusted...

Basic T5

Designed for the T5 light source, Basic T5’s slim-line dimensions, ease of installation and minimalist style offers a range of possibilities for light planners. Basic T5 has an elementary and stripped appearance that can be easily adapted to various...

Pleiad SLD G2

Pleiad SLD G2’s advanced light properties make it an ideal solution for light planning with downlights. Equipped with Fagerhult’s SLD reflector it combines flexibility with optimal light treatment. The balanced and glare-free light is well suited to both...

Multilume Hydro G2

Environments with stringent hygiene requirements must also have highly effective lighting and Multilume Hydro was specifically developed to address these needs. Not only does it provide professional work lighting, it also simplifies maintenance as it’s...

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