exLED is the collective name for Fagerhults family of emergency exit luminaires. Available in two models; exLED ViVa and exLED 4. Efficiency is the common denominator throughout the range, utilising the benefits of LED technology in a system which is easy to install and connect.

The luminaires are available in both centralised and decentralised designs with different sign options. The decentralised versions are equipped with an environmentally friendly battery type NiMH and have a battery for 3 hours of operation.

The decentralised luminaires have an integrated self-test with scheduled test cycles.

A potential-free alarm output is standard on the decentralised versions and can also be supplied with monitoring via DALI. exLED ViVa lends itself to installations which require exit signs with a lower light level; the luminous flux can be lowered while maintaining the contrast.

Decentralised luminaires always have a self-test with scheduled test cycles. A short test takes place once a week with a longer discharge test scheduled every three months. The shorter test is started manually with a short press on the luminaire’s test button. A manual test resets previous data about test cycles.


exLED 4

exLED ViVa G2

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