Electronic transformers

70, 105, 150 and 210 VA
White, impact resistant, with two holes for assembly. Short-circuit pro­tection with automatic restart, overheating protection and thermal overload cut-out with automatic reset. Dimming with transistor or thyristor dimmer.

150 and 210 VA
For through-wiring (looping) on the primary side on separate 4 mm² screw terminals. Direct connection of 3 luminaires on the secondary side. Protection classification II, IP 20.

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Weight, kg Length, mm Miscellaneous Description Art.No.
0.1 128x37x28 Output 70 VA 70 VA 98161
0.1 128x37x28 Output 105 VA 105 VA 98162
0.5 215x42x41 Output 150 VA 150 VA 98163
0.5 222x53x43 Output 210 VA 210 VA 98164

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