Pozzo is a little piece of the sky, bringing the feeling of daylight into spaces where there may be limited access to the real thing.

Its design was inspired by natural light and with a number of different sizes available, there is the scope to create a variety of expressions. The diffuser can be either slightly recessed, creating a lightwell effect, or flush with the ceiling, for a large, round beam effect that amplifies the perceived brightness beyond what the lux meter shows.

Pozzo can be equipped with either a Delta or opal louvre. The Microprismatic delta version has an unrivalled even spread across the surface, fulfilling the standard on 3000 cd/m2 for working in front of computer screens. At last there is an aesthetic, round recessed lighting solution, compatible with the requirements for workspaces.

Designed by Örjan Nilsson, Yellon.



Pozzo I Opal

Pozzo Pendant

Pozzo Ceiling

Pozzo I Delta

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