Pleiad Compact G2

Pleiad Compact G2 is a quick-to-install downlight that combines minimal dimensions with exceptional lighting comfort. Pleiad Compact G2 is ideal for limited inset depths and has extensive horizontal flexibility. In shopping centres, exhibition halls, production plants or everyday corridors, crowded suspended ceilings are no longer a lighting problem.

Cable ladders, ventilation and sprinkler systems share space in the ceiling with downlights – which are usually the last to be installed. A difficult installation process where there is the opportunity to save a great deal of time and money. Pleiad Compact G2 is designed to handle the overcrowding and can be installed without the need for tools. The detachable ballast box offers flexibility when installing; if something is in the way, the box can be moved around it.

  Despite its size, Pleiad Compact G2 offers first class efficiency and the horizontal position of the light source gives good mechanical cut-off in relation to the low assembly heights. All downlights can be installed with the light source facing in the same direction, providing a consistent light pattern on the ceiling.

Designed by Wilma Daemen


Pleiad Compact G2 205

Pleiad Compact G2 245

Pleiad Compact G2 165