Tubular suspension

Tubular suspension with white enamelled pendant tube Ø 13 mm. White ceiling cup. Combine luminaire bracket with required pendant lenght.

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Description Art.No.
Tubular bracket/each 91823
Tube pendant 600 mm/each 91099
Tube pendant 800 mm/each 91101
Tube pendant 900 mm/each 91102
Tubular bracket with mains cable, 3-way/each 91843
Tube pendant 1000 mm/each 91103
Tube pendant 300 mm/each 91096
Tube pendant 400 mm/each 91097
Tube pendant 500 mm/each 91098
Tube pendant 700 mm/each 91100

Transparent diffuser

Continuous emLED connector


Cover plate

Luminaire bracket

Continuous connector

End-cap smartSWITCH

End-caps emLED


Lined diffuser


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