LED Handrail

Wall or post through separate consoles.

Each handrail section is supplied with through-wiring 2 x 1.5 mm², designed to be connected to an externally placed LED driver 24 V DC (SELV). Splicing joins for power cables to the handrail are extended inside the handrail.

Body of extruded aluminium, Ø 55 mm. Wall or post bracket and end plate of anodised aluminium. LED mounted in separate extruded aluminium profile incl. lens.

Clear disc of extruded PC.

Handrail units are delivered ready for continuous installation. Switching or through-wiring to further sections is possible, but limited to a maximum length of 12 m per power point, depending on the choice of driver. For longer systems, power must be supplied to the system from several points. Wall/post mount is prepared for incoming cables. Closing units in the system need to be equipped with end plates (please see accessories). When mounted outdoors, or in damp conditions, the cover strip needs to be placed across the back of the profile and the terminal package used (please see accessories). Voltage drop calculation and cable dimensioning between the driver and handrail must be carried out for longer lengths. The recommended minimum area of cable between the driver and handrail 2 x 1.5 mm² (cable not included). Consideration must be given to the changeability of the ambient temperature and its impact on the overall length. When mounted in environments where the ambient temperature is changeable, systems exceeding a total length of 12 m must be interrupted and supplied with end plates equipped with guide pins (please see accessories). Other lengths are available for the handrail on request. The handrail provides the highest mechanical protection under international classification IK10.

4200 K: Ra (CRI) min. 80, L70 50 000 h, MacAdam 5 SDCM

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W Length (mm) lm/W Art.No.
14 2861 49 10032
19 3882 49 10033
5 1023 49 10030

Connection package

1-way cable clamps that ensure a moisture resistant cable connection between LED ballasts and handrails or between handrail sections. For maximum 3x1.5 mm² conductors. Delivered in packs of 10 clips.

Connection package 91085

Cover strip

Plastic cover strip to cover the T-groove on the back of the rack. Snaps into position Supplied in a length of 1.2 m. Cut in place.

Cover strip 1.2 m 91087



End plate

End plate for terminating the system. Supplied in pairs incl. installation components.

End plate/pair 91083

End plate for longer systems

End plate including guide pins. Used for long systems (> 12 m) installed in environments with changeable ambient temperature to avoid problems caused by heat expansion. Guide pins ensure that the various handrails are directed up against each other. Supplied in sets of male/female incl. installation components

End plate incl. guide pins 91082


Spacers incl. end caps in anodised aluminium. Supplied in lengths of 1023 mm which can be cut in place. Installation components including continuous coupler supplied.

Spacers 1023 mm incl. installation components 91086

Wall or post mount

Recommended c/c distance of maximum 1200 mm. Supplied in pairs incl. installation components. Holding screw for wall/post installation not included. The bracket is pre-drilled for screws up to 8.5 mm.

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Polar diagram #1