Indigo Ed2

The clean, simple design of Indigo Ed2 makes a clear statement. Indigo Ed2 is the only luminaire in the Indigo concept with a predominantly indirect light distribution, offering a high degree of visual comfort within the room.

The Indigo Ed2 luminaires are offered in a variety of styles and variations. The indirect light is distributed via the secondary reflector, giving Indigo Ed2 soft light distribution and lighting that is sensed as balanced and comfortable.

New to the family is Indigo Ed2 Hygiene – a luminaire with a full glass cover for easy cleaning.

Designed by Epsilon


Indigo Ed2 R2 Perfo

Indigo Ed2 Perfo Hygiene

Indigo Ed2 R2 Slits

Indigo Ed2 R1 Perfo

Indigo Ed2 R1 Slits