Indigo Combo

The uncomplicated and clean recessed design, combined with high efficiency and technical performance, allows Indigo Combo to create comfortable environments. Indigo Combo is available in square or rectangular designs and in two sizes with one or two louvre cells and up to four light sources.

The active Beta louvre can be combined with an indirect light distribution in the luminaire’s secondary reflector. The Delta variation embraces the benefits of micro-prism technology to offer a wider and slightly softer light distribution.

 In addition, the Beta luminaire’s lined diffuser can be finished in several different colours, offering a decorative indirect light, for exciting and distinctive environments.

Designed by KHR Arkitekter and Epsilon


Indigo Combo Beta 2-Cell

Indigo Combo Delta 1-cell

Indigo Combo Delta 2-cell

Indigo Combo Beta 1-Cell

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