Closs is a series of compact, decorative luminaires, boasting exceptional efficiency. Their slender measurements and square angles reflect a neat minimalist style, making Closs the given choice in rooms where you aim for simplicity in design.

The thinking behind the design of Closs was to combine the T5-light source with specifically developed components in a luminaire that satisfies the most stringent demands on form and function.
 Closs, with an r5-mini louvre, has a clean, simple design with a cross-section of 55x125 mm for both single and twin lamp luminaires. Closs 2-cell luminaire has a slightly larger version of the same louvre which is available in designs with several cells for increased efficiency.
 The luminaire is available in a white or alu-grey structured enamelled finish with two different louvres, microprismatic Delta and double parabolic Beta, and a direct or indirect/direct light distribution.

Designed by Epsilon

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