Launching the new generation of spotlights

With innovation and sustainability in continuous focus, we develop our products to provide that little bit extra – and the difference lies in the details. It could be upgrading the LED module to enhance the efficiency and light quality, or adapting the design to include passive cooling. These were all considerations when we started up-grading our three main spotlight families; Marathon, Zone Evo and Sync. The new generation has now arrived, taking these luminaires up to the next level.

Up to 50 % more effective

The new retail spotlights are equipped with a highly effective LED module which contributes towards the luminaires being up to 50 % more efficient. Low energy usage requires less power and the new G2-spotlights can help to significantly decrease the total energy consumption in a shop.

It is in the details

When it comes to LED solutions it is often the relationship between the different components in the luminaire that makes the difference. The combination of an efficient LED module and a segmented MIRO-reflector makes the new generation highly efficient. As an example, Marathon medium beam, 3000 lm, 830 used to have 81 lm/W. With the new generation this has now increased to 123 lm/W.

Passive cooling enables new design

Along with the upgrade and the passive cooling Marathon has a new clean design without the flange, creating a more tasteful design that suits all types of environments. Almost all G2-spotlights are now equipped with passive cooling – without buzzing fans and extra components to maintain.

Freedom of choice

By using spotlights as a creative tool, you can create inspiring lighting landscapes – and let the lighting enhance the brand. The new generation also comes with a variety of choices and selections. 830, 930, 840, spot-, medium- or flood, white, black, recessed or track mounted with 3-phase, iTrack DALI or fix-point brackets. The lighting can also be shielded with the help of many different accessories.

Complete recessed lighting packages

The recessed version of Marathon G2 and Zone Evo G2 comes in complete packages. The housing is already mounted together with the driver so that there is no need to mount and connect the driver with the luminaire on the spot – that saves installation time.