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It is all about energy efficiency

About 700 employees, whereof 500 bank workers, has their office in this energy award winning building in Trondheim. It is one of Norway’s most energy efficient commercial buildings.


This project is all about energy efficiency. The 20 000 square meter office and commercial area from the 1970s was renovated in 2010. Its ambitious goal was only to use a third of what a typical Norwegian office spends on energy. They succeeded with a combination of environmental factors, such as well-planned control of climate, ventilation, isolation and light.

Lowered kWh m2

The current energy need was in the beginning calculated to 100 kWh per m2, during the highest operating level of the building. The goal was to lower it to 85 kWh per m2.

Fagerhult made several custom made solutions for the project and largely the whole building was calculated in DIALux. Focus was on luminaires with daylight control and the last measurements now even showed usage of only 79 kWh per m2.

In overall the building’s energy usage was reduced by a seventh – an energy consumption that suits well into the bank’s environmental profile.

Energy saving award

These amazing energy savings gave the bank the Trondheim’s municipality energy saving price in the year of 2011. It is now a role model as one of the most energy efficient commercial buildings in Norway.


Light control makes the difference in this project. Natural daylight is used and the artificial light is controlled as much as possible. Most of the light is dimmed during daylight and has presences detectors with DALI. Where there is no source of daylight, light sensors are installed to achieve a constant light that reduces the maintenance of the light source and saves energy.

Systematic Avion

Installed in the office rooms are several custom made pendants of Avion 2x28 W with DALI. They are spread in systems of 10–12 m each. Pendants were a natural choice because there are no recessed ceilings in the building. The luminaires are sharing the space in the roof with a net of sprinkler systems and sound proofing material.

Light to decorate

When entering the reception you are welcomed by Fagerhult’s flexible track-system with iTrack Dual and Sinus spot. When walking up the stairs Lepo with 2x28 W DALI illuminates the way and gives the stairway its extra touch. The decorative Globia are installed in the old round shaped communication areas. And the illuminative lines of Notor are mounted in the corridors.

More alert with color temperature 

Another finesse that makes the employees thrive, is the well thought lounge outside the conference room. Here the employees can switch the color temperature from 2700 K to 6500 K. It is a way to use light as an energy source between the meetings in the conference room.

Fagerhult have delivered light for both indoor and outdoor. The building also has access to electrical cars and bikes in the garage – that is illuminated by Fagerhult’s Kaptur 3000 Transparent with DALI and presence detectors.



iTrack er Fagerhults eget skinnesystem, som er udviklet til at give ny funktionalitet og fleksibilitet til produktgruppen. iTrack er en innovativ løsning, som opfylder alle tænkelige belysningsbehov og kombinerer armaturer med styring, nødlys og åbenhed...


Lepo er et indretningsarmatur med en uovertruffen energieffektivitet og lysbehandling. Armaturer i tre forskellige størrelser gør det muligt at komponere visuelt spændende armaturgrupper. Lepo-familien er opbygget med driver og lyskilde placeret i...


Fagerhults klassiske interiørarmatur Notor fås i flere versioner og kan monteres nedpendlet, på loftet eller indbygget. Notor er det naturlige valg de steder, hvor man vil skabe lange, ubrudte lyslinjer. Diskret eller effektfuldt – udtrykket kan nemt...


Avion er et visuelt luftakrobatisk nummer. En elegant, flydende lysflage, der fører tankerne hen på vægtløshed. I grunden er Avion en klassisk ener, der er designet til at indgå i større systemer, hvor de karakteristiske langsider skaber et spændende...


Globen er et tidløst armatur med mange anvendelsesområder. Passer både ind i moderne minimalistiske indrettede byggerier som i ældre byggerier. Kan leveres i forskellige varianter og med forskellig lyskilde. Senest en LED version med et flot jævnt lys.

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