Risbroskolan : Sweden


73 % energy savings with new light solutions

The secondary school Risbroskolan in Sweden changed their old luminaires to new solutions and gained 73 % in energy savings.


The environmental impact of a lighting solution consists to 90 % of its energy consumption. Therefor it is important to go through your existing lighting solutions and see if it could be more efficient.

New solutions gave savings

To replace old and out-of-date energy demanding solutions is one way to make a positive impact on the electrical bill. Risbroskolan had a lot to gain by doing this. The school, which was built in the later part of the 70s, had old lighting solutions in the classrooms. They decided to replace the lighting with new energy efficient solutions, which gave them 73 % in energy savings.


The old solutions in a typical classroom were 12 luminaires with 2x36 W fluorescent lamps with conventional electromagnetic ballast. The luminaires were big, took a lot of place and only gave light over the benches. That gave the room a dark feeling and the installed effect went up to 1215 W per classroom.

Effect savings with new solutions

The new solution was Fagerhult’s Ten° Line with energy efficient T5 solution, electrical ballast and a effect of only 35 W per lamp. The general effect consumption was decreased to 542 W per classroom. That is a reduction of almost 60 %!

The classrooms also received new whiteboard lighting with Fagerhult’s Lento T5, 35 W and the effect consumption decreased with 40 %.

Interior makes a difference

The fresh painted white roof and bright walls contributed to the effect loss, white colour reflect light better on the walls.

Direct and indirect light

The new luminares also had a direct and indirect light that gave the room a sense of space. That also reduced the disturbing shine that can appear in books with direct light.

Additional savings with light control

To optimise the energy saving light control with DALI were installed. The classrooms were divided into three zones, one window row, one inner row with fluorescent lamp and one zone for the whiteboard.

All zones were equipped with controllable HF-ballast with the Plug and Play system ActiLume that is preprogramed when delivered.

The steering was programmed so that the lighting in the classroom should not proceed over 500 lux. The lighting also switches off in the room when it has been empty for fifteen minutes.

To renovate old out-of-date school lecture halls shows the great potentials in energy savings by using modern technique.


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