Bright solutions in colorful school

In this colourful and modern teaching environment illuminates several pieces from Fagerhult.


Metsokangas is a modern teaching environment, the local activity house holds a preschool and an elementary school in the same building. The house is illuminated by several fittings from Fagerhult.

Space of colour

This creative architecture is filled with bright colours. The building’s multi-coloured spaces have their own stories inspired by the imaginative life of children.


To adapt to the colourful architecture and the environment as its whole, the project needed a variety of products for different solutions.

The Focus-family from Simes was a suitable choice for this project and 68 pieces of Simes Megafocus post top luminaires illuminates the schoolyard and Focus spotlights illuminate the façade.

The Focus-family is flexible, it does not only suit well into the robust exteriors, the luminaires are also well suited for indoor use. In this project Focus is placed up on a high roof where it illuminates over hte large meeting area.

During classes the students can study in the light from Fagerhult Closs Beta, the building has about 560 of them. Closs is a compact and decorative luminaire and its slender measurements and square angles reflect a neat minimalist style.

White Aqua-luminaires are also installed the hygiene areas – a luminaire that blends in well with the interior.



Closs er en serie af indretningsarmaturer, der med sine små mål og rette vinkler udstråler minimalisme og renhed. Dette gør Closs til et oplagt valg i rum, hvor man tilstræber enkelthed eller ønsker et armatur med sin egen karakter. Closs er udviklet for...


Aqua er et anderledes armatur til belysning af blandt andet spejle. Det enkle design er let at placere i forskellige miljøer. Aquas form er som en spændt bue, og er på det nærmeste rundstrålende med et blødt lys. Armaturet belyser den nærmeste omgivelse....

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