Nydalen Upper Secondary School

Intelligent school lighting

Nydalen academic premise in Oslo is energy efficiency personified. Fagerhult contributed with intelligent lighting design that gave a modern and energy efficient environment for students and faculty.


Already from the start of the project focus was on energy efficiency. It was planned as a class A project, which means that the numeric indicator LENI should be maximum of 12,5 KWh/m² a year and follow the European standard EN 15193. This gives a higher cost when building it, but in the long run savings are made with lowered operation cost. The building was finished in 2011 and is a good role model on how to create energy efficient lighting in schools.


Fagerhult contributed with the light solutions and made energy measurements with Enova. The school, built by Avantor AS, has other great energy saving factors, such as well-isolated thick walls and glasses.

Light control makes the difference

The sun that shines in through the windows is well taken care of with daylight control. Everywhere it is possible the luminaires are prepared for digital lighting control with DALI. Where you can not take advantage of the daylight, light sensors are installed for a constant light output, which saves maintenance and reduces the wear on the light source.

For student's performance

The school is a workspace for many people. A well-lit classroom can increase alertness and improve the student’s performance. For best light level the classrooms are adjusted to 300 lux and during the evening’s darker hours, the classrooms get a higher lux of 500.

Pre-programmed light levels

Each classroom also has four pre-programmed light levels that makes it easy for students to adjust the light, that was programmed based on the student's need.

Motion connected to ventilation

The presence detectors are also connected to the ventilation control so that there were no need to install several sensors and cabling – another effective solution of the building.




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