Gold Dust

Light to gaming club

The overall design of the gaming club was made by architect Janne Kupiainen, from the design studio Kuudes Kerros. This company design concepts which promote the business activities of its clients.


A multidisciplinary team consisting of architects, designers, visual planners, and business experts guarantees a wide range of expertise. The lighting plan for the premises was created by Fagerhult in cooperation with Kuudes Kerros.

When it came to the lighting, the project got on track when Janne Kupiainen contacted Fagerhult. The first thing to be considered was the objectives of the lighting, and alternative modes of implementation. After that, suitable light fittings for the plan were selected from the product range.

The ceiling materials and furnishing plans for the grounds were already complete at this stage and had to be taken into consideration when the lighting was being planned.

In line with the architect's vison

The lighting, finally chosen, was implemented in accordance with a plan drawn up by Ville Tervakangas. This plan was also in line with the architect’s vision.

The final result was a new, stylish game centre, which offers its customers an all-round pleasant ambience along with high-quality services and where the lighting designed for the premises plays its own important role.


The lighting plan had to take the dark tone of the premises’ wall-to-wall carpeting, the black lattice ceiling and the gaming table surveillance cameras into consideration. The lighting arrangements also had to make provision for dimming.

Ajdusted to the dark-coloured interior

Aluminium-framed Notor lights, both separately and in short rows, were installed between the vertical lattices of the ceiling.

In order to illuminate the dark-coloured walls of the premises, black Waco Phase 1H spotlights fitted with 20 W metal halide lamps were installed. Waco Cube lights with built-in halogen lamps were fitted above the gaming tables and installed between the Notor light fixtures.



Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice in circumstances when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines of light. Discreet or...