e-Sense Move

e-Sense move is designed primarily for stairwells and is based on microwave technology with multiple luminaires communicating wirelessly with each other. e-Sense Move does not require any control cables.


  • Light only when and where needed
  • Energy-saving
  • Quick installation
  • Wireless communication between luminaires . no control cables needed
  • Can be individually programmed for optimum utilisation


  • Occupancy detector
  • Absence dimming with switch-off
  • Wireless control

The system is duplex and involves all luminaires acting as both master and slave, depending on which luminaire detects presence. When a luminaire detects presence it sends information on to one or more luminaires, which light up. Each sensor can actively “listen” to 15 other sensors.

e-Sense Move is excellent for use, for example, in stairwells of buildings with many floors. In order to optimise energy savings you can choose just to switch on the luminaire on the level above and below the floor where presence is detected. 

e-Sense Move can even optimise the lighting of areas such as garages, where people might otherwise feel unsafe when the lights are fully off. Individual settings for each luminarie mean that basic lighting can be used in the dark areas of the premises.

e-Sense Move also has a place in underground passageways, cellars and attic areas, since times and levels can be determined for each luminaire. Settings are preformed on the sensor unit in fixed positions.

How e-Sense Move works

1. Presence is detected on 4th floor, light turns on.

2. Simultaneously the sensor transmits RF-commands to the closest floors to turn lights on.

3. If a person then moves downwards, the sensors will continue to turn the light on ahead of person being detected.