Light for humans

Since the origin of life, the light has guides us, our activities and our biological clock. We feel the best in the natural light outdoors, where intensity and colour changes over the day. With dynamic light we can create better lighting with people in focus.

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Create your personal light!

We have become accustomed to adjust settings of most of the things we use. Now we have the possibility to create the light we thrive in, or feels best right now. Set the light according to your own preferences or what you are doing right now. You decide!

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Personal light in your pocket

We are all different, and so are our preferences for light. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the lighting exactly as you want it, a light that adapts to your needs and personal preferences? Now it’s a reality; the truly personal lighting solution. Mimicking daylight, saving energy and energise you? e-Sense Tune does all that, and more.

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Tunable White in different rooms

Where do we apply solutions with colour temperature control? The simple answer is actually any room with limited access to daylight or rooms where for any other reason want to be able to vary the colour temperature.

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The technology behind

The LED modules contain a mixture of diodes providing warm or cold light. By mixing the light from these various types and how they light we can get colour temperatures between 2700-6500 Kelvin out of the luminaire.

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