Halls for tennis are designed slightly differently and havedifferent lighting requirements than conventional multipurposehalls. Normally they are lit with 500 lux on theplaying surface with the addition of an area of 2 metresbeyond the side line and 3 metres behind the baseline.

To avoid glare at serve and smash when the gaze isdirected upwards, the luminaires are fitted along the sidesof the surface.

Tennis places high demands on the vertical light witha small ball, moving fast against a changing background.The vertical lighting is important because you need tosee the ball at different heights and be able to figure outwhere the ball is going and react quickly.

Ljusberäkning Tennisshall

20 pcs Excis LED Asymmetric 20,000 lm
Mounting height 7 m (the luminaires are angled 15° towards the centre)
Average illumination 501 lx on the playing area including the surrounding area.

The solution meets the uniformity requirement and the glare index in accordancewith the sports hall standard EN 12193: 2007 and Class II for training and competingin lower divisions.


Excis LED

Excis has been especially designed for use in sport halls. As is essential for these spaces Excis provides a glare-free light even from high ceilings.

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