A store has different areas of importance. Identify these and consider the main areas so that they are provided with sufficient light. Give more thought to the large gondolas with highlighted merchandise. By illuminating these areas with for example spotlights you create interest in the store.

In large aisles the light on the floor is not as important as the light on the shelves and the merchandise. 

Lighting also navigates and guides the customer in the store. It could be by enhancing different areas with spotlights, using light controls such as presence detectors or by working creatively with colour temperature.

Mounting options and ceiling heights

Track mounted, recessed or surface mounted; there are a variety of installation options. Consider the ceiling height in the store and choose luminaires and installation height so that the merchandise and interior gets sufficient light.

We have spotlights that can be used in supermarkets with high ceilings where a truly effective spotlight is required. In high ceiling, the tracks where the general and accent lighting is installed, do not have to be suspended any lower than 4–4.5 metres. This will make sure that the groceries, not the lighting installation, will get the attention of the shopper.

Colour temperature

The temperature of light is a main key to the feeling of the store, a warmer light can give a more homely feel, though also give the impression of a store offering good deals on the merchandise. Colder light can on the other hand give a more fresh or luxurious feel.

The choice depends on which expression you want to give but a combination of colour temperatures can create a more dynamic and interesting store. Tuneable luminaires also offers the flexibility to change the colour temperature after the merchandise on display.


Multilume Function LED

Illuminate the store in a comfortable way with reduced glare and decreased energy consumption with Multilume Function LED. This luminaire is designed to easily install in a function ceiling or on a track.

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iTrack Line LED

A linear luminaire for Fagerhult’s iTrack system, designed for illuminating larger shops as supermarkets and departments stores. iTrack Line LED has fast installation time and a clean design that offers efficient and comfortable lighting in a store.

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iTrack Track system

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Multilume Flat Delta

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AllFive LED

AllFive LED is an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other general areas and has been especially developed to withstand the damp.

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Iceberg Suspended

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Tibi Pendant

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Pozzo I Delta

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Zone Evo II G2

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Marathon Midi G2

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