This is not only a place where to pay your merchandise it is also a workspace for the staff, a place where they sit many hours of the day. Add good lighting comfort and work lighting over the checkout. It is important to have sufficient lighting both on the floor and the cash band to create a satisfying environment.

Use eye-catching pendant luminaires to highlight and navigate to the cashier desk. This is a perfect area to inspire and make the customers spontaneously buy chewing gum, sweets or magazines. The lighting should be just as well planned as the display setups around these areas. Enhance and highlight theses products and the special offers that are the last once the customer sees before leaving the store.


Multilume Function LED

Illuminate the store in a comfortable way with reduced glare and decreased energy consumption with Multilume Function LED. This luminaire is designed to easily install in a function ceiling or on a track.

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iTrack Line LED

A linear luminaire for Fagerhult’s iTrack system, designed for illuminating larger shops as supermarkets and departments stores. iTrack Line LED has fast installation time and a clean design that offers efficient and comfortable lighting in a store.

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Multilume Flat Delta

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Tibi Pendant

Tibi, a spectacular bubble of light for general lighting in every room of the project. Can be used successfully in entrances and stairwells. Tibi Pendant can be equipped with Tunable White for controlling the intensity and colour temperatures between 2700 K and 6500 K.

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