The entrance should be pleasant and welcoming. From the outside the store needs to look natural and exciting. As an example use bollards for walkways and recessed or integrated light to shape the structure of the building.

As you enter the showroom try to avoid glare as much as you can. If needed use accessories that help to cut of the direct sight of the light source. Honeycomb louver or cap cones are two great accessories to achieve a pleasant non-glaring light, consider also using barn doors for this effect.

To get a good understanding of the set up, use different light in the different areas of the shop.

The height of the installation in these shops can be a challenge. Use luminaires between 1100 and 3000 lumen up to 3500 mm. Above this height use luminaire with a higher light output.


Marathon Midi G2

Marathon is a cylindrical, discrete and energy efficient spotlight. The luminaire is designed for track system and is produced in a dramatic black or subtle white finish.

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Zone Evo II G2

Zone Evo has a clean conical design and an efficient segmented reflector ensuring excellent visual performance.

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Tibi Pendant

Tibi, a spectacular bubble of light for general lighting in every room of the project. Can be used successfully in entrances and stairwells. Tibi Pendant can be equipped with Tunable White for controlling the intensity and colour temperatures between 2700 K and 6500 K.

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Rondo G2 Visual recessed

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Azur Bollard LED

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