Notor T5 recessed

Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice in contexts when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines of light. Discreet or striking – the look can easily be varied taking the architecture into consideration.

Regardless of the small installation measurements, Notor T5 Recessed combines high energy efficiency with good general light levels. A wide selection of louvres, i.e. Beta, Delta, Lamell or Opal, make it possible to adapt the light pattern to the function of the room.

Notor T5 Recessed is based on a very inconspicuous, aluminium armature housing that is completely recessed in the suspended ceiling.As the light sources are overlapped in the continuous coupler in the luminaire, Notor T5 Recessed, unlike many other luminaires designed to sit on the bars in the suspended ceiling, does not leave any dark fields between the fluorescent lamps. The eye perceives the installation as a single long, unbroken line that is never subjected to any shadows. Notor T5 Recessed is available in five different lengths, which gives immense flexibility in the planning process. It is also possible, with the help of an L-coupling, to form geometric solutions: practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The luminaire has a recess depth of 100 mm and the width of the channel is only 80 mm. Through well-thought-out lighting planning where the luminaires are positioned regularly, Notor gives energy efficient and comfortable general lighting which corresponds to that of recessed luminaires of a significantly greater size.

The installation solution is quick and cost efficient. Notor T5 Recessed does not support internal through-wiring and all onward connections are made instead using a specially designed connection box on top of the luminaire.


Notor T5 recessed Delta

Notor T5 recessed Lamell

Notor T5 recessed Beta

Notor T5 recessed Opal