Pleiad Square G2

Pleiad Square G2 is a high performance downlight with a square light opening that amplifies the orientation of the room. The shape of the light opening gives a good degree of efficiency and excellent light treatment, making Pleiad Square G2 an imaginative alternative for general lighting in offices, auditoriums and restaurants.

Pleiad Square G2 offers the same advantages as the other luminaires in the Pleiad G2 range: energy efficiency, easy installation and a small frame which gives a discreet transition between the luminaire and ceiling. The horizontal placement of the light source also proves beneficial on account of the square design of the luminaire housing and the reflector. Pleiad Square G2 can be used throughout or combined with other Pleiad luminaires in a project.


Pleiad Square Ice G2

Pleiad Square G2 245

Pleiad Square G2 205