Isola parabol

Isola is an excellent choice for both high and low ceiling heights and also functions well in environments where monitors are used. Isola Parabol gives direct light towards the floor and gives good general lighting.

Two point suspension, c/c 80 mm.

Snap-in terminal block 5x1.5 mm², 1-phase through-wiring possible in the ceiling cup.

Parabolic dish and luminaire body of white enamelled aluminium (RAL 9016) structured. Supplied with 4.0 m wire suspension and 5.0 m textile cable.

Reflector of metallised aluminium.

A cut-out in the ceiling cup is made using cutters 94248 for a surface mounted mains cable.

Designed by
Mårten Cyrén and Bertil Harström.

Crosswise dual switching (2+2) with HF-std.

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Text som beskriver tabellen
W Weight, kg Length, mm Art.No.
4x36 25.0 900 53507
4x55 25.0 900 53509
Text som beskriver tabellen
W Weight, kg Length, mm Art.No.
4x55 25.0 900 53509-436

Compact fluorescent lamp FSD

36, 3000, 2G11, Ra>80, 2900, 80 81159
55, 3000, 2G11, Ra>80, 4800, 87 81318
36, 4000, 2G11, Ra>80, 2900, 80 81471
55, 4000, 2G11, Ra>80, 4800, 87 81473
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