Central power system (CPS)

Different light sources such as incandescent lamps and normal or compact fluorescent lamps with HF-ballasts or magnetic ballasts can be connected to the same unit. Cable installation is performed from underneath the enclosure. Terminal blocks are of a screw type and have 2 (FL1000), 6 (PL5110-30) and 12 (PL5140) independent input and outputs.

PowerLine 5000 Digital
A series of MCU supervised reserve power units from Wagfors AB. The units are equipped with automatic testing according to EN50172, are short-circuit-proof and have integrated load monitoring. Combined these functions create a high level of reliability, performance and security.
FlexLine 1000 Digital
A new model specially designed for small installations where the total output does not exceed 50 W. FL1000 offers the same functionality as the units in the PL5000 series, but its small size also permits placement in confined areas. The unit is also equipped with a dimming outlet (0–10 V), which means the connected luminaires can be run at a reduced output in emergency operations (NOTE: only in combination with dimmable HF-ballasts). This function results in the number of connected luminaires can be increased or that the operating time is extended.

Automatic system
In the event of a power failure the reserve power will automatically switch to battery operation. This takes place in a carefully controlled manner to avoid power surges that can cause damage to the connected load or reserve power unit.

The reserve power unit is equipped with maintenance free lead batteries, which are precisely monitored to provide maximum life and capacity. The calculated battery life is 10–12 years under normal operating conditions and an ambient temperature below the recommended 25 °C.

Grey metal enclosure in RAL 7032 (PL5000) and grey plastic box ABS in RAL7032 (FL1000).

There are 4 LEDs on the front of the unit that indicate the following functions:
SYSTEM – Unit in standby mode
LINE – Input voltage
CHARGE – Battery charging
EMERGENCY – Battery operation

The reserve power units are third party certified and correspond to the requirements set out in EN 50171.

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FlexLine 1000 Digital.

FlexLine 1000 Digital.

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W Comment Miscellaneous Art.No.
FlexLine 1000 Digital
Max 50 W Burning time 60 min Max. cable distance 200 m/2.5 mm² 17959
PowerLine 5000 Digital
Max 1200 W Burning time 60 min Max. cable distance 200 m/2.5 mm² 17958
Max 150 W Burning time 60 min Max. cable distance 200 m/1.5 mm² 17955
Max 300 W Burning time 60 min Max. cable distance 200 m/2.5 mm² 17956
Max 600 W Burning time 60 min Max. cable distance200 m/2.5 mm² 17957