e-Sense BrightSwitch

e-Sense BrightSwitch is a lighting control system where an integrated PIR sensor controls connected luminaires. BrightSwitch provides automatic ignition/extinguishing or dimming between high/low level that is controlled by presence or ambient light.


Presence control

Presence detection switches lights on and off automatically. Adjustable time between detection and switching off.


Lux level

A set threshold value prevents the presence sensor from reacting when there is sufficient daylight.


Absence dimming

The motion sensor adjusts to a high light level on detection and returns to a low level after a set time.


Remote control

Settings can be configured using remote control (accessory)



Individual offices


Conference rooms





How e-Sense BrightSwitch on/off works

An integrated PIR sensor switches on and switches off one or more luminaires. The system allows for one master luminaire and up to five slave luminaires. With e-Sense BrightSwitch On/Off, the sensor switches on in response to movement, and then switches off after a set time using the relay. A lux threshold prevents detection if there is sufficient light in the room. Luminaires without adjustable ballasts.

How e-Sense BrightSwitch absence dimming works

Using absence dimming, the fixture provides low-level light (approx. 20%). When motion is detected, the light level is adjusted up to 100%. After the last detected presence and set time delay, the fixture is adjusted back to a low level. A lux threshold prevents detection if there is sufficient light in the room. The luminaires are fitted with phase-pulse ballasts and are controlled by means of phase-pulse coupling.


The luminaires are supplied with the switch-off time set to 10 minutes, and the lux level setting is disconnected. Adjustment of switch-off time and lux level is done using a remote control, which is supplied as an accessory.


BrightSwitch on/off  has an integrated PIR sensor with a relay terminal.

BrightSwitch Absence damping has an integrated PIR sensor with phase-pulse


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