Installation example – store rooms

Installation example Absence dampening in store rooms with e-Sense smartSWITCH

e-Sense smartSWITCH absence dampening results in significant energy savings in rooms that are seldom used or used only briefly. 

Lighting can be made more efficient with energy savings in many areas within office environments. The light in stores, filing rooms and stationery rooms is nearly always switched on continuously irrespective of whether there is someone in the room or not. Now you can easily install effective light control with large potential for savings.


  • Plug connection.
  • Automatic switching on.
  • Adjustment to a low level (10 %) after a chosen time, adjustable 1–30 minutes.
  • Occupancy detectors integrated in the luminaire.
  • Centralised switching after hours optimises savings.

Proposals for the installation of controls in stores

Lighting in offices represents 30–40 % of the energy consumption. This comprises not only of the lighting load, but mainly the additional load required to counteract the additional heat produced. The cooling requirement is great for approximately nine months of the year. If you can avoid using the installed supplementary cooling you will save a great deal of energy. With a new approach you can make virtually all premises energy efficient. The effective use of lighting in office ancillary areas can be as low as 5 %. The lighting is usually left on constantly out of habit rather than necessity.

Using a luminaire with e-Sense smartSWITCH for absence dampening can offer energy savings of up to 80 %. No external sensors or switches are required. The luminaire ignites quickly to 100 % with occupancy and adjusts down to 10 % after the set time. The time delay after occupancy can be as short as 1 minute, which optimises savings. As the light is not switched off completely, it can be switched on as much as you like without affecting the fluorescent lamp’s cathodes, which can negatively impact on its lifetime.