Complete solution for lecture-rooms with suspended ceilings

In contemporary lecture rooms, the needs for the lighting layouts and controls are well defined and tested. Fagerhult has developed a standard solution for a standard lecture room, comprising of six or nine ceiling luminaires, including luminaires above the whiteboard.

A complete solution, with e-Sense ActiLume as the control system, combines quick installation with unbeatable characteristics and advantages in regards to both use and maintenance. Control with occupancy, incidental daylight and manual control optimise energy savings, at the same time as providing an excellent lighting solution. The system can save up to 60–70 % energy compared with an older installation.

The e-Sense ActiLume Connection box is a quick, efficient and a complete method to install a light controlled solution. Standard installation cable is only needed for the cable lengths that cannot be determined in advance: cables to the whiteboard lighting (5-core), pushbuttons by the door and by the whiteboard lighting (2-core), and for external occupancy detectors (2-core).

Advantages of the complete solution for lecture-rooms

  • An order comprises of a complete lighting solution with control for one lecture-room, with pendant luminaires and whiteboard lighting.
  • Two different solutions are offered, one with six DTI luminaires for lecture-rooms 8⊗6 m, one with nine DTI luminaires for lecture rooms 9×7.5 m.
  • Whiteboard lighting complete with DALI HF-ballast, Lento 1×35 W.
  • Easy programming, either directly on the master luminaire or using the IR transmitter.
  • For more information please contact our customer services.

Example of an installation in a lecture-room with 6 ceiling luminaires. The connection box is in the vicinity of the master luminaire. The remaining luminaires are connected on the two outputs: DALI 1 for dimming in line with the master luminaire, DALI 2 for dimming with 30 % offset.

The cables (5) marked in black are standard wiring cables where the length cannot be defined in advance and are not included in the delivery. Connectors to the box are included.