Control features

Presence control

Presence control switches the lighting on and off. After the last presence detection the light is automatically switched off. The time between detection and switching off is adjustable.


Precense control

Daylight control

A sensor adapts the lighting output to the amount of incidental light (natural light). If there is no daylight, this function regulates the llight output to maintain the required illumination level.


Daylight control

Manual control

Full manual control via pull dim in the luminaire or retractive switch on the wall.


Manual control

Absence dampening

The occupancy detector adjusts to a high light level on detection and return to a low level after a short period of time. No switch of function.


Absence dampening

Absence dimming with switch-off

The occupancy detection sensor adjusts to a high light level on detection and returns to a low level after a set time. The sensor can also switch off the light completely based on a further time setting. The low level can be adjusted from 10 to 50%.


Absence dampening with switch off


Between group A, B and C are an offset of 15 % to be used for luminaires located further from the window than A. This produces more light further into the room.



Channel B 30 % offset

Channel B has a 30 % offset, which means that channel B starts to be regulated when challen A drops to 70%. When channel A is regulated to 10%, channel B is then set to 40%.


Channel B Offset

Lux level setting

Setting the threshold value prevents the occupancy detector racting when daylight is sufficient.


Lux level

CLO - constant light output

The light flux of LEDs reduces over time as the diode ages, just as with many other light sources. This light depreciation is more or less linear across the diode’s service life. The luminaire itself can compensate for the light depreciation. Read more



Night-time dimming outdoor

The various systems we use for lighting control outdoors are integrated into each luminaire’s electrical ballast and take care of themselves. Nor is there any need for external accessories to make the lighting control work. Read more