In the entrance, with adjoining reception, it is concentrated on creating a dynamic area where people first enter. Just inside the door it is ‘painted with light’ to create a decorative form which provides extra light at the entrance and emphasises the shape of the room. The luminaire (Freedom) is built from modules and can be assembled in different ways.  

This is based on a modular concept which can be assembled in various configurations. In this application it is opted for a direct/indirect version which provides light both towards the floor and onto the ceiling, creating a sense of space. In the centre of the room a suspended a cluster of large, round-beam luminaires (Tibi) is installed which maximise the generous ceiling height to provide a general lighting solution. By combining different sizes close to the lounge furniture you can enhance the aesthetics within the space with a contemporary feel. 

The walls, with paintings and pieces of artwork, are accentuated with recessed wallwashers (Pleiad G3) that provide comfortable ambient lighting and help define the room. In the reception area itself, it’s essential there is a good working light and this is provided by circular, suspended luminaires (Appareo Circular), with a combination of direct and indirect light. 

Within this building, based upon a converted industrial property, a communication area is situated between the entrance and the office. One of the walls is completely dominated by a generously proportioned window section, which lets in some welcome daylight. The round beam ceiling luminaire (Tibi) takes its design from the suspended luminaire in the reception, providing a consistent visual experience. 

A good direct light is complemented by indirect light towards the ceiling, further enhanced by the use of daylight control and presence sensors to optimise function and energysaving. 


Tibi Ceiling/Wall

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Freedom is an innovative LED luminaire that makes it possible to create free forms suspended in the air, on the ceiling and on the wall.

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Pleiad Wallwasher G3

Pleiad Wallwasher G3 is the optimum solution for creative lighting environments that focus on a greater proportion of ambient lighting. Powerful and well shielded, the luminaire sends a cascade of light over the wall, all the way up to the ceiling – while still maintaining the energy efficiency.

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Appareo Circular

Appareo is a suspended LED luminaire that combines uncompromising design with high lighting levels and good ergonomics. The circular model is a good alternative for general lighting purposes.

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