All about style

Touch is a stylish and timeless luminaire that will fit smoothly into any retail environment. As versatile as a “little black dress” or a fitted suit, always ready to put on a great performance no matter the application.

The integrated driver gives clean feeling and the shop ceiling will not be cluttered with drivers aimed in different directions.  

Integrated driver – clean design

A clean, cylindrical spotlight with an integrated driver is the latest addition to our product range. Technical advances in electric components have made it possible to create a smooth design hiding the driver inside the spotlight housing.

Touch has a nice geometric and proportional design and the placement of the adaptor centrally over the luminarie creates a symmetric idiom.

The impression of the lighting in the shop will definitely be more discrete and unified since you will get rid of the angles the driver creates when aiming spotlights in different directions.

Family of spotlights

Touch is a complete family with both track mounted and recessed spotlights. So, if you have a shop with different types of ceilings it will be possible to use the same spotlight family troughout the shop and get a unified impression.

Touch comes in white, black and grey.

Great light comfort

Touch has an unusually good light comfort since the reflector is deeper than a regular spotlight and therefore the LED-module can be placed with a better depth which results in reduced glare.

Touch can be dressed with a choice of accessories increase the lighting comfort even more. Capcones, barndoors and honeycomb louvre are available as an addition.

Technical advantages

Touch is developed with passive cooling in all lumen packages. It is available in 1300 and 3000 lumen. This gives the retailer the opportunity to use the same spotlight regardless of ceiling height.

The standard LED module has CRI 930 which results in great colour rendering.  

Highlighted products

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