The evolution of a spotlight

Evolution is the change in inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. At Fagerhult the evolutionary process did not only inspire the designation – it also brought advancement in our upcoming Zone Evo series.

Zone Evo is one of our latest spotlights that was derived from a careful technical evolution of our faithful Zone Point. Throughout the years the product has evolved according to customer demands, as well as the technical advancements of LEDs. Now the updated cone shaped Zone Evo have a version that comes in the generous lumen package from 1100 – 4500 lm.

A successor of a favourite

Fagerhult’s popular Zone spotlight has been around for more than 10 years now and has been bringing light to shops worldwide ever since. Throughout this period the product has been evolving according to customer demands as well as to technical upgrades.

After many concept studies to categorically we establish that the basic principles of this old product should be the foundation of its successor – Zone Evo. By letting these features live on and adding the latest LED technology and optics the evolution advances at least two steps further.

Cone geometries


One basic principle worth building on further was the conical lamp housing. The cone is one of the basic geometries and is therefore a very accepted shape that with its roundness and narrow end gives a smooth and light impression.

Suitable for both high and low ceilings

Another feature strong enough to keep is the horizontally oriented ballast box. There are many ways to orient the ballast box and the horizontal way is especially popular as it makes the spotlight more flat, suitable for use in both high and especially low ceilings.

A whole family with a great reflector technology


Zone Evo comes in three different sizes and mounting options, and the segmented MIRO reflector technology makes it extremely efficient with excellent visual performance. There is also a dim version for iTrack with a dim range of 10–100 %.