The latest ingredients

Wanting to get a taste of a really efficient LED spotlight for those high supermarket ceilings? Great! We are now launching the new Zone Evo family, Sync and a 4500 lm addition to Marathon. These luminaires provide solutions that address that exact need.

When expectations are running high

Some food shops are cosy, intimate and modest in size – often situated locally in the neighbourhoods of the city. Others are the complete opposite; large, prominent and bold – positioned in the suburbs where the shop floors spread out generously.

In the latter, higher ceilings are more common. In such environments it can be a bit trickier to provide a dynamic combination of both accentuating LED spotlights and general lighting since the effect of the LED spotlights has not been good enough in ceilings of up to 4.5 metres in height. Until Zone Evo, Sync and Marathon.

The evolution of a spotlight

Zone Evo is one of our latest spotlights that was derived from a careful technical evolution of our faithful Zone Point. Throughout the years the product has evolved according to customer demands, as well as the technical advancements of LEDs. Now the updated cone shaped Zone Evo have a version that comes in the generous lumen package 4500 lm – Zone Evo II LED.

Geometric expressions with Sync

Yet another geometric expression, the square, is represented in Sync, a spotlight version that distinctly contrasts with the others due to its angular design. Just as Zone Evo, Sync is also available in high lumen packages up to 4500 lm. There is also a controllable DALI version for iTrack with a dim range of 10–100 %.

Marathon enhance different groceries

Finally the popular Marathon will be accompanied with yet a version, one of 4500 lm. The new additions Marathon Rich and Marathon Glow are equipped with thoroughly chosen LED modules making them a perfect choice when illuminating and enhancing the colours of different groceries.

For those high ceilings

These spotlights can be used in supermarkets with high ceilings where a truly effective spotlight with long lifetime is required. At such ceiling heights, the tracks where the general and accent lighting is installed do not have to be suspended any lower than 4-4.5 metres. This will make sure that the groceries, not the lighting installation, will steal the attention of the shopper.

More effective than metal halide

At Fagerhult we never include an LED module in a luminaire that is not as efficient, or more efficient, than traditional metal halides. Therefore we have been waiting patiently for such a module to emerge. And now, finally, the technology is good enough to produce one. Due to this advancement we are proud to present a high lumen LED spotlight that is more effective than one with metal halide. And this is something we know will satisfy the pickiest gourmand.