The chef

Let us introduce Christian Andersson, the head chef at restaurant “NOBA” (Nordic Bar/Gastro) located in the heart of Gothenburg city. We challenged Christian to create four tasteful gastronomic recipes with the following main ingredients; meat, fish, vegetables and bread. Afterwards we will do the same, but our main ingredients will be luminaires and light.

It comes as no surprise to find that rustic flavours and Nordic home cooking inspire Christian. Quite frequently slow cooked stews can be found simmering on his stoves. When it comes to inspiration of the actual grocery shopping Christian is fond of strolling around in his local market hall.

"I love the authentic feeling that is created within the market place. It always inspires me to shop and evidently to cook. I like touching and feeling the fresh food presented and also enjoy receiving the personal contact with the merchants,” Christian explains.

His ideal supermarket and food store are those that manage to achieve the same atmosphere as just described – warm, welcoming and inspiring to browse. When asked about his reflection of the lighting in food shops he states that too bright and cool lighting can give an impersonal and industrial impression.

“Now when reflecting over the lighting, I realise that I prefer a warmer, dynamic atmosphere”, Christian concludes.

At Fagerhult we want to participate in achieving such an environment. In the rustic restaurant NOBA, neoclassical dishes and Nordic tapas from locally produced groceries are served - traditional but with a modern twist.

That is excatly how we would describe our new spotlights, Marathon Midi LED Rich and Marathon Midi LED Glow.