Baked duck breast

A succulent duck breast cooked to just the right shade of pink can have much more flavour than turkey, chicken or goose. Combining the rather fatty duck meat with a slightly acidic and sweet accompaniment produces just the right balance of tastes. One tip for removing excess fat is to brown the skin of the duck well and then pour most of the fat out of the frying pan.

Serves 2-3

300 g duck breast


Savoy cabbage
2 red apples
300–400 g shiitake mushrooms
A knob of butter
Salt and pepper

Creamed Jerusalem artichokes

Around 10 Jerusalem artichokes
400–500 ml cream
Salt and pepper



Shred the cabbage and put it briefly into boiling salted water. Remove the cabbage from the pan and cool it in cold water.
Fry the mushrooms and cabbage in a little butter and season with salt and pepper. Add the pieces of apple just before serving. Mix in some chopped herbs to add colour.

Creamed Jerusalem artichokes

Cook the peeled artichokes gently in the cream and then blend them in a food processor to a smooth consistency. Season with salt and pepper.

Season the duck breast with salt and pepper and make two crosswise cuts in the skin.
Fry the duck with the skin side down in a dry frying pan over a high heat until the skin is golden brown.

Bake the duck in the oven at 120°C until the internal temperature reaches 55°C.
Leave to rest for a few minutes before serving.