Illuminate food applications delicately

We think food and lighting are a great combination and have therefore combined the two in four tasteful recipes and accompanied them with the right lighting. Bon appétit!

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Cooking – for whom?

The right lighting can help increase sales and make grocery shoppers feel more inspired. And never before have consumers been as selective, interested, and passionate about food – or so quick to embrace new trends and niche ingredients. Here are some of them.

Trends and new ingredients

Highlighted products

Marathon Recessed Rich and Glow G2

Marathon Rich and Marathon Glow G2

Marathon Midi G2

Zone Evo I G2

Zone Evo I Recessed G2

Zone Evo II G2

Zone Evo II Recessed G2

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For those new ingredients and influences

The retail landscape is changing fast. New behaviours, trends and technology are constantly setting new roadmaps. With Fagerhult On Demand Design we can help create a great lighting recipe when new ingredients appears. 

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Low carb(on dioxide) lighting

Decreasing energy consumption is a concern of almost every food retailer. The evolving LEDs are also making it easier for us to provide lighting technology that is not only effective but also efficient. Our environmental initiative is Crystal Clear.

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Want your own cook book?

Do you want your own cook book with tasteful recipies for light? Contact your local customer support.

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The latest ingredients

Wanting to get a taste of a really efficient LED spotlight for those high supermarket ceilings? Great! We are now launching the new Zone Evo family, Sync and a 4500 lm addition to Marathon.

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Intelligent and controllable lighting

In a shifting retail world we constantly gaze at the horizon to discover new possibilities. Lighting Controls for example is a energy efficient way to enhance the shopping experience.

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