Setting the stage

We feel passionate about retail lighting. Using light as a creative tool to make inspiring worlds of commerce come to life – to make your brand shine. Light can enhance the commercial environment and evoke feelings that result in greater shopping experiences - and the feelings evoked in your shop should be reflections of your brand. We can help you to set that stage with the power of light.

The art of retail lighting

Retail lighting is a complex work of art. When planning an installation for a shop, it is important to resist the temptation to aim light everywhere at the same level. The light should be aimed at the merchandise – what you want the customer to see – which allows small areas of darkness to be created in between the brighter zones to provide a contrast. A small portion of the lighting should spill over onto the furniture and the interior of the shop to help with perception and orientation. There is also an important task in creating energy efficient solutions that are as inviting and commercial as those that consume more energy.

Retail lighting is also about creating feelings or emotions associated with the brand itself. Going into a shop with a warm colour temperature makes customers feel cosy and at home, while entering one with a colder colour temperature is more likely to make them feel vibrant and energetic. Where merchandise is concerned, products with red colours come alive under a light source with high energy in the red spectrum, while an item that is blue or white will look much more attractive in a colder light.

How we make the solutions come alive

Fagerhult is an international lighting company with a network of creative lighting professionals. This capacity enables us to provide an excellent service to retail chains in different markets around the globe. Our main focus is knowledge and passion for light. For us this is the foundation of our relationship with our customers, understanding both their needs and their brand values. And, of course, knowledge about lighting – how it affects people and, most importantly, how it can be used as a commercial tool.

We can offer you high-quality products specifically developed for retail environments. However, we want to take you through a complete lighting journey: discussing what lighting solution best suits your brand, making sure your spotlights are showcasing your merchandise in the best possible way for your grand opening. But it doesn’t stop there. From education, concept development, on demand design, light planning, aiming and, crucially, on-going maintenance; we will cover the entire spectrum of your lighting project.