Use the right light spectrum to enhance merchandise

The right light spectrum can do the trick when illuminating and enhancing different colours in displayed items. Say goodbye to colour filters and welcome the new luminaires developed for the exactly right purposes making the merchandise look at its best.

The Rich and Glow function in our luminaires are specially developed for different food segments making for example the meat, fish and newly baked bread look fresh. Lighting is an important tool in different areas in a food store and opens up to possibilities. Choose between integrated or track mounted spotlights depending on installation.  Mix with regular spotlights and get a fresh environment.

Rich – strong in the blue, white and red spectrum

Rich is equipped with a LED module that is strong in the blue, red and white spectrum. This fact makes it suitable for illuminating fish counters that stage both red fish and seafood, such as salmon and shrimps, but also ice and silver skinned fish types and meat section which makes the meat tendons shown in an appetizing way.


Glow – brings out the warm tones

Glow is tailor-made for the bread, cheese and fruit, vegetables sections and equipped with a LED module that is specifically selected and tested for illuminating such foods. The spectral curve is strong in the warm coloured spectrum, which bring out the warm tones in these groceries.