Hästens is the winner of the Crystal Clear Award!

We are glad to announce that the bed company Hästens and their flagship store in Stockholm has been awarded with the Crystal Clear Award 2014. Linnea Blank, Retail Concept Designer and Hanna Tellskog, Retail Design Manager from Hästens has now been given the Crystal Clear Award by Camilla Hult, Marketing Manager at Fagerhult.

The prize is specially designed for this occasion by designer Kajsa Willner, and has the shape of a snowflake to correlate with the Crystal Clear concept.

The motivation of the jury

Hästens managed to achieve the extraordinary feat of an energy consumption of only 4,7 W/m2. The solution with the innovative use of mini spotlights in the sleep spa on the lower floor is the result of very creative lighting design. The use of controls shows a very forward thinking attitude than can develop the solution even further in the future, both when it comes to saving energy but also to create an atmosphere that attract customers. Also, Hästens has a lighting solution that really captures the feeling of the brand, which is an investment in brand as well as in the commercial store.

The jury

Members of the jury is Jesper Kongshaug, well-known Danish lighting designer that has created the much appreciated lighting design for the new Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen and for "The Blue Planet".

Also in the jury was our very own lighting specialist Henrik Clausen. A much appreciated and inspiring lecturer, member of the IESNA, Director of the Fagerhult Lighting Academy and responsible for Research & Education, a really great source of knowledge.

Our third member of the jury is Elisabeth Back, Head of Product and Brands and responsible for all product development and marketing at Fagerhult. She has a background in creating brand value based innovation and always thinks one step ahead.

Environmental thought

Hästens is really satisfied with the solution for their new store, which is both energy efficient, coherent with their brand and future proofed since there are more control options.

Hästens has a strict environmental policy. They use mainly material from the surrounding area like Swedish pine and steel. All textiles are eco-certified.

Sustainability and local production is central for Hästens why they choose Fagerhult as a lighting partner to provide a creative and very energy efficient lighting solution.

Launching new concept

Hästens is now launching this shop concept on several international markets like Holland and Spain.

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