The Renowned Jury

So who is going to win our Crystal Clear Award? To decide which is the most sustainable, innovative yet commercial lighting solution we have selected a very knowledgeable jury.

Jesper Kongshaug

As one of the members we are proud to present Jesper Kongshaug, famous Danish lighting designer that has created the much appreciated lighting design for the new Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen which gave him the Danish Lighting Prize, the Nordic Lighting Prize and the Weber lighting prize in 2008. He has also created the lighting design for "The Blue Planet" the new National Danish Aquarium.

Jesper Kongshaug was educated in the US and is appointed honorary professor at Kolding Designskole. He teaches at Danish School for Design and the National Danish Theatre School and acts as consultant for museums and public institutions.  He has created several high profile large-scale lighting artist installations both outdoors and indoors.

Henrik Clausen

The second member is our very own lighting specialist Henrik Clausen. A much appreciated and inspiring lecturer, member of the IESNA, Director of the Fagerhult Lighting Academy and responsible for Research & Education, a really great source of knowledge. He has been on various positions within Fagerhult for 17 years.




Elisabeth Back

Last but not least, our third member of the jury is Elisabeth Back, Head of Products and Brands and responsible for all product development and marketing at Fagerhult. She has a background in creating brand value based innovation and always thinks one step ahead. Previously she has had similar positions within large retail companies.



These three competent forces will choose the most sustainable lighting solution that will be awarded the Fagerhult Crystal Clear Award.