Hästens is the winner of the Crystal Clear Award!

We are glad to announce that the bed company Hästens and their flagship store in Stockholm has been awarded with the Crystal Clear Award 2014...

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We are awarding sustainable solutions

To highlight the importance of a sustainable mind, we have created an award within our sustainability initiative called Crystal Clear Award. It will be a recognition of a sustainable an innovative thinking in the world of retail lighting.

It is Crystal Clear

Sustainability is given

A special made award will be given to the winner of the Crystal Clear Award. The award is made by Kajsa Willner, a designer that always have sustainable design at focus.

Kajsa designed the award

Meet the jury

To decide which is the most sustainable, innovative yet commercial lighting solution we have selected a very knowledgeable jury.

The Renowned Jury

How to get efficient lighting

How will you get sustainable lighting in retail? We have the tools, efficient LED-luminaires, light controls and a lot of sustainable tips to create the future retail environment.

Energy lighting tips