Introducing two personalities

It doesn’t matter what personality your brand has; humble and pleasant, posh and sophisticated or perhaps edgy and confident, there is always a lighting solution to compliment the brand.

Two fictional brands show the way

Whether you have a clear sense of direction or a general impression, we offer the ability to transform the feeling you want your customers to experience trough the lighting solution. A broad range of products, coupled with the capability to make special adaptions, offer our lighting designers the best possible tools to an optimised solution.

By the "Brand Theatre" campaign we want to describe the journey of light we work through together with our customers, in a very real and visual way. We hope this process will help illustrate how we implement creative and enhancing lighting solutions, based on concept development.

To achieve this we have chosen to describe two totally fictional brands and the story behind them. Knowing the brand and its story triggers a lot of creativity with our lighting designers and the result of the shop can be a real brand experience - with the light setting the scene.

We hope that will give you some ideas on how you can enhance the personality of your brand with lighting. Maybe you never thought about lighting as a tool to make your customers feel or to strengthen your brand, or to increase the attention for your products and enhance sales. But it can.

If you want some ideas on how to create a great commercial shopping environment Fagerhult is the company to contact. We have professional lighting designers that come in daily contact with questions on how to plan the lighting to get the optimal return on investment. Both in regards to commercial impact and decreased energy consumption.