The solution

Frank & Son’s is a shop that communicates authenticity through every detail, with the commercial aspect coming second. Take a look at the result of this modern "corner shop".

Warm, accentuated and cosy

The approach Frank & Son's wanted would be aligned to that of a small “around the corner shop” or a part of a larger supermarket where they are focusing and emphasising the organic parts of their assortment. What is most important to them is that the customer experience correlates with the brand values and feels honest. Words that are important to Frank and Son’s are organic and environmentally friendly.

This honest, transparent and genuine feeling is enhanced by a very warm, almost glowing colour temperature in the lighting. Helping to create a warm, homely feel, far removed from the large industrial hypermarkets.

This emotional connection to warm light is connected to our heritage and the need for fire and heat. A low Kelvin degree, 2700 or lower, will achieve this. The interior also adds to this warm and homely ambiance with the brick wall and wooden material. Using point light sources with high energy in the green and red spectrum bring out the warmth and display fruit and vegetables at their best.

The spotlights, equipped with LEDs, are installed in an intelligent, controllable track possible to dim to save energy and create atmosphere. The energy consumption of the shop is approximately 10-12 w/m2.

As a compliment to the very warm colour temperature, and to get the feeling of a bazaar, the walls are lit with a cold 6500 Kelvin LED luminaire; as if the light came from the sky or through a ceiling window. This enhances the feeling of freshness and nature. A cooler light is also aimed at the water bottles to bring out the freshness in both the water and the bottles.

The display wall 

The tile wall adds a real cosiness and authentic feeling, which is increased by the warm colour temperature, communicating the brand values of the shop. Dedicating a complete wall to telling a story shows a level of transparency while offering customers the opportunity to get a real feeling for the brand, its values and history. 

To capture the warm, cosy and authentic feeling of an ancient shop, Frank and Son’s has an interior based on wood. Boxes, placed on top of each other, are used to create shelves, and integrated linear LED are placed to highlight the products on display.

Frank& Son's captures the request of portraying a traditional "corner shop". this honest, transparent and genuine feeling is enhanced by a very warm, almost glowing colour temperature in the lighting